CHEMICAL FREE PROTECTION against ticks and fleas for the freedom in nature

Non-toxic, environmentally friendly and works without releasing any chemicals or odours.

Safety for the whole family

Minimise the possibility of tick bites without using chemicals

Constant protection

You don’t have to reapply the protection on your furry friend in every two or three months, Tickless provides at least 6 months of protection

Innovative solution

You don’t have to ruin a romantic picnic with the unpleasant smell of repellents, you won't even notice Tickless

Protection for the whole family

Babies and kids



How Tickless technology works:

Our devices emit a series of ultrasonic pulses that are not disturbing to humans, animals and wildlife, but keep ticks and fleas away, making it perfectly safe to use kids, adults, and pets.

Ultrasonic technology is a significant innovation in this field – these products provide not only safe protection against ticks, fleas and dust mites, but also prevent the release of more toxic substances into soil and groundwater.

TICKLESS technology has been scientifically proven by institutions recognized worldwide. The results clearly showed that the test dogs, which already had a tick or flea, TICKLESS prevented any worsening of the infestation and in some cases reduced the infestations.

How to use it:

by fastening the tiny colorful pendant onto your cat’s or dog’s collar, parasites can be kept away for at least 6 months after activation, leaving you and your pet free to enjoy nature.

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Sustainable generation of chemical-free, ultrasonic tick and flea repellents

Environmental awareness and sustainability are not just some trends on the rise – this is the only way towards a more livable future.

Our new, earth-friendly ECO products are made for the sake of environmental awareness and sustainability, for you, for your loved ones and for our planet! Our new product line is made from biodegradable materials, so you can take another step for our Earth while still keeping safe those, who are most important to you!

TICKLESS® ECO is the ideal solution for keeping ticks away during outdoor programs, sports, hiking, gardening, walking or camping. 

Just attach it to your clothing or to your pet’s collar or harness and the device will keep dangerous parasites away for at least 6 months without the use of harmful chemicals.


Chemical free

100% Biodegradable and compostable

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