Our Earth program

At ProtectOne, our main goal is to provide innovative, chemical-free protection against ticks, fleas and dust mites to the whole family. Our product line with ultrasonic technology is a significant innovation in this field—these products provide safe protection against various parasites, while preventing the discharge of more toxic materials into the ground and ground water.

We have been following the innovations associated with environmental awareness and sustainability for years and integrated them in our product development. This is how we launched, for example, our rechargeable product line which includes a product made of 50% recycled plastic material since June 2021.


Environmental awareness and sustainability are not just some trends on the rise – this is the only way towards a more livable future. After years of planning, we launched our ProtectOne Earth project in the beginning of 2021.

The objectives of this comprehensive project include the reduction of plastic production, the raise awareness of plastic recycling, the decrease the usage of chemicals and the development of innovative and more sustainable products that can play an important role in people’s everyday life.

By 2024, we aim to use more sustainable materials to produce at least 60% of our products, using recycled and biodegradable plastic. The plan is to use approx. 1.5 tons less polycarbonate annually in the production process in the near future. We pay particular attention to making our products totally chemical-free in order to achieve a green product line.